Riddle and Brain Teasers-Logical Puzzles, Mysteries

Brain teasers or riddles whatever you say.. they are the best exercise for your brain..
Remember the old school days?? Can’t forget it.. right?? Just like that…
Imagine you are the Sherlock Holmes and you get this case…

A person whose name is James found dead at his office desk..
Police found three suspects:
1. His Friend – Jason
2. His Wife – Lily
3. His Boss – Raven
All of the three visited him on the day of his murder.
So as the Police failed, Sherlock Holmes comes and find a note on the Calendar.
It says-“7B91011”.
He wasted no time in announcing the killer.
Do you get the meaning of code??
If not.. just play this video and get your answer….


Sherlock Homles Mysteries


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